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61 Responses to “Social WordPress Theme”

  • I would like to use your wordpress template but I'm having a problem. I can not find how to change the text in the blue box at the top of the home page. It is right below the title ans has "Change this text from the Settings panel" in the template base.

    thanks in advance,

  • Hi, I am trying to hget organised with your lovely Social theme - do you have any instructions. I can't work out how to get the templates working - would be grateful for assistance.


  • John - On your Dashboard go to Appearance/Social Settings and remove the text in the Header Introduction Tab

  • I love your theme but I can't figure out how to reorganize the icons in the header, any ideas



    • Hi Jane,
      The instructions for this are present in the admin panel (Themes -> Theme Options)
      If you move any line above another one, its icon will shift towards left in the header.

  • Hi there... fantastic theme!

    One question... How can I get text to run continuously along the subsidiary box? At the moment it creates a column at the left hand side.

    Thanks for any help,


    • Suggestions anyone?

      • Hi Joseph,
        You want the widgets in the Subsidiary widget area to stretch to full width instead of 33%?
        For that, try adding the following code to custom.css (Insert near the end of file)

        #subsidiary .widget {width:900px;}

  • Hi,
    I have installed various plugins with your theme. My problem is that they are only appearing on my pages and not my home 'post' page. For example I have installed disqus comments and only wire and both of them can only be seen on my pages and not my posts.

  • How does one edit the header? I can't seem to figure it out.

  • Hello Admin,

    Is there a simple way to insert an image/logo to the left of the Header Title?

    I would like to show a logo once we launch.

    Appreciate any suggestions,

  • Hello,

    I've been trying to setup my blog using your "Social WordPress Theme". I'm not able to get the "Sidebar Widget" to work. When I insert my banners into the "widgets template" nothing shows up on my blog. As a test I inserted my banners into the "Secondary" location and my banners showed up fine.

    Is there any way for me to insert my banners into the "widgets template" so they will show up on my blog? Thanks,

    Darrin Crudup

  • This is my all time new favorite theme. Thanks. How do I get the drop down menu to work?

  • I figured it out on my own. I had to turn the pagemash plugin off and attach the subcategory to parent pages

  • Hello, Still waiting for a reply to Dec. 15, 2009 post about adding a logo to header. Is this at all possible?


  • Dear Utkarsh Kukreti,

    I had been searching for a column theme with options for a while to write a book online and finally found yours that suits my needs after I had made some modifications. Though, it was kind of hard to do modifications in your theme as you used Hybrid with which I am not familiar.

    Thank you very much for your theme & Happy New year2010!


  • Hi,

    I love this options you've provided in this theme. When it comes to editing the actual theme this is something I have limited experience with. What I'd like to do though is keep the format exactly as it is, but chance the colours if possible.

    Where can I find the codes within the theme to make changes to the colours. I'm just not sure which theme file I should edit.



  • I can't seem to change the "Home" link, which file do I look in to change it?

    I am running several blogs on my website, and I want the Home of the nested blogs to point to the root.

    Another question, I can't seem to find in the admin panel (Themes -> Theme Options) I'm using WordPress 2.9.1.

  • Follow Up...

    Hello, Still waiting for a reply to Dec. 15, 2009 post about adding a logo to header. Is this at all possible?


    • After much digging I found the answer myself! No thanks to developer. Love the theme... not the support.

      To place a background image on your website, simply paste this code into the top of your custom CSS page in the Appearance-Editor section:

      body{background: url("http://WHATEVER_YOUR_FILENAME_IS.jpg") #xxxxxx 80% 0% no-repeat}

      The x's are for you to replace with your desired background colour.

      For additional help, please check out this website:

      Best of luck!

  • Hello,

    I would like to change the navigation link "Home" to point to my website homepage rather than the blog's homepage. I've looked in the header.php file but have not found the place to do this. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Hello,

    I'm looking to change the "Home" button in the navigation to a different web address. Where can I locate the file to do this?



  • Hi guys
    If you want to know how to link those social buttons to digg and delicious you can visit my website and right click on the icons, choose properties...and see the link code....

    Very cool theme....I have seen nothing like it....Great....All you have to do is explore a bit and you will find out how it works...

  • Nice theme.

    Quick questio, if I may.

    How do I link the code to the Social Button, please?

    I can't seem to find where I do this....!

  • Found it!!!

    Appearance - Social Settings

    How hard was that??

    Easy when you know how!

  • I really like the uncluttered layout of this WP theme. The Über Cool Social buttons are simply wonderful.

    Go to Appearance - Social Settings to edit these.

    The HTML code for the Social buttons is as follows:

    for the default Twitter button

    for a labelled Twitter button

    for a labelled Twitter button that opens your Twitter URL in a new window.

    There is a huge choice of buttons to use.

  • Ah............HTML code not allowed in Comments!!

    So, visit my website (Click on Henri above) and read my post Über Cool Social buttons. All the information you need is there.

    I hope that is helpful.

  • Very cool theme - I've gotten a number of complements already so kudos to YOU!

    If you have a moment can you explain how to remove the blogging capabilities from the "home" page? I've added a "blog" page so I don't want that content to show up twice, but instead of the blog on the home page I would like to be able to place some static content on my home page.



    • got it - I went into the home page in the theme editor section and blocked out the bulk of the code () I also then had to manually place text on this page in order for it to appear on my home page.

  • Does anyone else have a problem with the text in you post being cutoff on the far right side of the page? Anyone know how to fix this? I have tried this theme on several different versions of wordpress and it still happens. Please visit my site to see what I'm referring to. Any help is greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Roland! I'm having the same problem with the text running off the right hand side of the Social theme. It looks like you found a solution - can you share how you fixed it? I've been looking everywhere and haven't found a solution. Thank you!!

      • Here's the answer courtesy Rolland!

        "Just add this line to the bottom of your Stylesheet (style.css)

        .entry {padding-right:10px;}

        You adjust the padding with the line above."


        -- I set it to 50px and it worked perfectly

  • Hoping to remove the "Home" link in the top left. I am using the custom menu widget for the links.
    I'm thinking the code is in the home.php page. I have tried everything I can think of (I am pretty tech savvy). Tried looking in the header.php, main index, navigation-links....Help!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! It's the only customization I have left!
    I LOVE this template!
    Thanks everybody!

  • GOT IT!!!
    Within header.php, find this line of code:

    Comment it out by changing it to:

    This will remove the nav bar at the top of the page!

  • love the theme. thanks!

    is there any way to add a social bookmarking link that is currently not supported? i want to link to Tumblr but according to the Social Settings, Tumblr isn't currently supported.


  • Hi,
    I love the Social theme. Is there a way to add more social bookmarking links on the front page? In particular I want to show links to GoodReads and LibraryThing but there are currently not supported. Is there a way to do it otherwise?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for a great theme.
    Just wondering if you could (or someone) could help me with a small problem. I want to take away the effect whereby links in the widget area shift to the left when you hover over them.



  • Great theme. I've been trying relentlessly to move the main navigation BELOW the site title, to the bottom of the header. CAn you please instruct on how to do this? I would appreciate it greatly.

  • Love this theme. It's clean and professional.

    How do I create non-blog pages? I want to create pages for basic information such as contact info that will not change. I see the pages template under Appearance > Editor, but do not see that template (nor many others) on the Edit Page > Page Attributes > Templates. Hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Trying to create web pages without blog type of formatting. When I create a page, the "pages" template does not appear in the template drop down. How can I add this option.

  • Hi amigos,

    Love this theme but I was going crazy with the header thing but finally I find the "solution". Well sort of :) On the custom.css file change the header color title to transparent. Example:

    #header #site-description{color:#664832;}


    #header #site-description{color:transparent;}

    This will make the title transparent and not visible for the users but at the same time it will be available to index.

    Hope this help,
    Victor Garcia

  • I absolutely love this theme. I've got most of it set up, however; I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to move the menu from the top of the header down to the bottom of the header. I can figure out how to move the social buttons and logo. but the menu move is driving me nuts!
    Please help!

    • Javier,

      I've tried this too, but I wouldn't recommend messing with the placement of the navigation menu because it messes up the layout of everything down (depending on how much you've played with the CSS).

      That said, you can move it below the header using the "header.php" file. You can access that file either through your hosting service of through the WP editor (Dashboard > Appearance > Editor).

      The PHP hook that controls the navigation menu is:

      If you're using a text editor it's on line 27. Moving that line below the header-container PHP hook (just below it) will move the nav menu below the header on the front end. AGain, depending on what CSS changes you've made, this could mess everything up, so exercise with caution.

      Good luck!

    • Javier,

      Sorry, that line of code disappeared.

      The PHP hook that controls the placement of the navigation menu within the "header.php" file is:

      php hybrid_before_header(); // Before header hook

  • Hi,

    I really like this theme.
    How can I change the font type?

    Thank you very much for suggestion in advance.

    • Kenji,

      Hopefully you figured this out already, but the "screen.css" style sheet controls the font for headers and body text. Scroll through the style sheet to see where to alter font for headers, body, etc.

      You can access the "screen.css" style sheet either through your hosting service of through the WP editor (Dashboard > Appearance > Editor).

      Good luck!

  • I'm trying to link to my social sites using the code provided, but I cannot get it to link. Any suggestions?

  • Hey my social site buttons have shifted down the page for some reason after the update. I need a fix/update maybe.

  • I really like this theme but there are a couple of tweeks that would really make it better for me. Anyone know how to change the home page lists to use excerpts instead of an entire post?

    Thank you!!


    • Jason,

      It sounds like you want your posts on the home page to display as excerpts, not as the full post, correct? To do that go to the "home.php" file either through your hosting service or through the WP editor (Dashboard > Appearance > Editor). That is the template that controls the layout for the home page/blog. In that document you will see this chunk of PHP code (if you're using a text editor it will start on line 23):

      '' . __('Pages:', 'hybrid'), 'after' ...

      All you have to do is replace the word "content" with the word "excerpt," so that is shows the following: "the_excerpt" instead of "the_content." That command is all it takes for WP to display the 55-word excerpt by default.

      Good luck!

    • Jason,

      Sorry, that chunk of code example I pasted didn't come, if you're using a text editor, that line of code you want to look for is on line 24:

      replace "the_content" with "the_excerpt"

      Good luck!

  • Hey is there a way to make the main body area a little wider or restrain the text/images inside the area provided? Because my posts are missing probably about this much from the right side | |.


  • Hi,

    I thought I would try and help out with some of the questions since I love this theme and I've done a lot of work on it, but there is just terrible support for it.


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