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Colors WordPress Theme

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9 Responses to “Colors WordPress Theme”

  • Hi,

    I really like your Colors Theme for WP and I have used it, but when I go home it does not display full articles, which causes blank spaces if there is a picture instead of a text. Is there a way around it? How can I make it dispaly full posts on home page?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey there

    I saw one of your sites and was interested in seeing what other themes you have.


  • Hello, I got the same problem as Kamil, how can I display full post?

  • What is up with the Favorite option and rate option. Nothing happens when I click them. Do I need additional plugins?

    • You probably already figured this out or you tried another theme, but for others who get stuck here, this is what worked for me:

      I installed AddtoAny plugin and customized the button using the URL option and installed WP-PostRating plugin.

      Now both favbutton and rate option both work

  • Hello. Love your team but I wounder if I can have it on swedish? I mean the links: "Home" and "Search" and the date information.


  • I have the same problem as Kamil and Sondre.
    How can we display full posts at the frontpage!?


  • The picture and video not display on article ???
    Who resolved this problem ?

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